Communication between FEZ pico and PC

As briefly mentioned in my other topic about the fez flea, I would like to communicate with my pc and a fez board. Because the MOD pin was not interfaced on the fez flea, I have bought a fez pico.
So i need help getting the communication started between my pc and the pico.

What connections need to be made hardware wise? I.e. what pins from the pico do need to be connected to the usb interface of my pc?

Load the CDC or Win USB examples and you will have an exception. Now set the MOD pin with a jumper and reset your board. This will switch to serial debugging and free up USB. Your USB will now be detected by the PC.

To go back and modify your program, unset MOD and debugging will go back to USB.

You can do above without any wiring. But ideally you need to Dennis your program and so you will need to connect the main serial port to your PC, usually using a USB to serial chip. This is what we have on the dev board for example.

Ok that clears things up, thank you.

However: “set the MOD pin with a jumper”
Is this to GND or Vcc? (I guess to gnd, but I have seen examples that need to be set to Vcc.)

Ideally I would like one interface for deploying the program, in case this needs to be changed, and another one for communication between pc and pico. Is this possible?

Thank you.

GND = serial

Yes, serial for debugging and USB for your own use. You can see all the connections on the dev board schematic.

Hi Gus,

Not sure what the main serial connection port is on this board.

Also what is the JST connector used for. On the documentation page it sayd the following: The FEZ Pico also contains an JST connector for adding after market expandability.

But that is a pretty broad and generic statement, so not sure what is meant with that.

I have an FTDI serial to usb converter, so I will try to use that.

UART0. Use the dev board as a reference like I mentioned before.

The FEZ Pico adds JST connector compatible with Sparkfun Qwiic modules and Adafruit Stemma modules.


lucky you weren’t talking about your Dennis the program :wink:

:joy: we need Dennis!!