Communicate between gadgeteer and arduino board

i’ve got personal project i’m working on that uses both and arduino and cerbuino board.
the arduino drives the motors and the cerbuino acts as the brains. I need to cerbuino to be able communicate with the arduinio/motor controller. What’s the best way to do this you think?
Can these things comunicate usb-to-usb? (i don’t have any serial adapters/modules).

What about the idea of using a pin to write a value of 1-5 (Foward, backward, left, right, stop)?

USB->USB isn’t going to be ideal. I believe others have used serial in the past. All you would need is to wire the RX->TX & TX->RX & GND->GND then go about parsing the data.

I’ve done this in another project and it works great if you just need a very simple 1-5 value. You would need 3 pins, though, not just 1 to get that range. I suspect that you actually need more data than that thought (i.e. speed + direction). But if just a 1-5 value will work then this is a very simple solution.

Thanks Ian…i need to process this: “All you would need is to wire the RX->TX & TX->RX & GND->GND then go about parsing the data.”

I don’t currently have any .net gadgeteer serial modules or arduino serial shield.
Any samples or reading materials you recommend on how to go about doing the above?

You don’t really need a shield. Both boards know how to speak the serial language. You just need to connect the right pins. For the arduino header this is going to be D0 (RX) & D1 (TX). Since the Cerbuino has the Arduino header the pins are the same there also. So, connect (with a wire)

D0 -> D1
D1 -> D0

There are examples all over the place including the Tutorials under support on how to use the SerialPort class to receive the messages. Good luck!

got it. thanks! i’ll give it a try…after i get some Vitamin D.

I tried this tonight and seems to work fine.(Just took a bit more time to figure which port to open on the gadgeteer side…trial/error)

Thanks much Ian.

Fantastic! I’m looking forward to seeing the project when it’s done.