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Commercial Skewworks


To keep Skewworks going it looks like I’m either going to need to start doing some commercial apps; so I thought I’d ping the community to see what they’re interested in.

Here’s a few thoughts I have:

RLP graphic framework, enabling GIFs faster render and Pyxis-like performance on smaller Panda-type devices.

Game engine; the engine itself would be free with a commercial application to quickly design and develop the games.

Custom Development; use the Skewworks expertise to get your project running quickly.

Thoughts, suggestions, general rants?


I made a Sokuban engine for VB6. Every platform needs a sokuban.

I know its a small game, but I bet I wouldn’t take long to port it to the cobra… I’ll give it a go.

Cheers Ian


I would be a limited version of pyxis for Panda II with the FEZ-Touch display appreciate


I see commercial use for this and developers would really need some nice components to use on the display. An RLP to handle graphics on Panda II…possible free for non-commercial use and some reasonable fee for commercial use? You can even charge for the RLP sources as users wouldn’t need them as they program in C# but commercial users may need to optimize them.

One simple thing that comes to mind is in reading a standard bitmap from SD card and displaying it on screen. This is very simple to do on larger devices but on smaller devices, this has to be done on-the-fly.


A graphics library for the USBizi will be good.

You can have the basic configuration support the FEZ connect. Variants can support other graphic controllers and display sizes.

What will the offers be like ? Closed source, free for development ? Open source for commerical ? per developer ? per device ?

This is something I am going to keep my eye on.


Thanks for the feedback guys; sounds like the new graphics library is the way to go. I’ll put up videos as it moves along. :smiley:


Development on our first commercial app in 2 years has begun; code-named “Monkey Wrench” (after FEZ mascot, of course).

For those interested please take a look at the features below and offer any suggestions/feedback.

Target: Panda II w/ Touch LCD

1: Managed / Native graphics options (entry level & pro pricing)
2: Font loading support
3: Full screen bitmap rendering support (streamed from file; RAM too small)
4: Pyxis 2 controls (in multiple DLLs so you can use only what you need)
5: Full Bitmap (BMP) Support
6: Custom image format for faster load/render
7: All basic graphic methods (Line, Rect, Ellipse, etc)
8: Anti-aliased graphic function (Pro/RLP only)

Available Controls: Checkbox, Combobox, CommandButton, Form, Icon, Label, Listbox, Numeric Up/Down, Panel, Picturebox, Progressbar, RadioButton [italic](Obviously some of the big players like Filebox will not be ported due to space restraints)[/italic]


This sounds pretty great. I am starting on my first exploration test app for the Fez touch this morning. After I work with what is there natively, I will have a much better idea of what I want. Do you have target pricing for the product? Will it be an SDK plus per device licensing? SDK plus royalty free for devices? What model are you thinking of? I look forward to seeing it. We have been playing with Pyxis on a Cobra for eth past few days and it is great.


I see the need for this, a tiny native graphical library for small displays. I would stay away from royalty


@ Bob excellent questions. :slight_smile:

Target Pricing: $20 - $35 (Managed and Native respectively)

Non-Commercial Licensing: per developer, no additional device cost. Possibly with a requirement to mention the SDK somewhere?

Commerical Licensing: Probably a larger per developer cost or a small per device fee, I’ll need to put some thought into it.

p.s. Glad you’re enjoying Pyxis!


@ Gus, agreed. I really had the FEZ community in mind w/ this app. Hopefully it will be of use for everyone.


Are those alpha-blended rects running on the FEZ Panda II ?! :o

… They sure are in managed mode no less! 8)


WOW! I want to see more :wink:

You are using the prototype green board, not cool :stuck_out_tongue: Drop GHI and email and tell them you want a new fresh one :wink:


Your wish is my command.

How about a full screen image rendered straight to the LCD from a single file?
We’ll throw in some more alpha blended rects too.
And just for good measure fonts being down with and without a solid background.


Looks good! How fast is it to render?


Haven’t done exact timings yet since it’s slated for Managed & RLP. Rough estimates full screen bitmap read from uSD and render 1-2 sec. Text render under a second per line (even the transparent background ones). Alphablending is pretty long. Probably a sec+ for each of those 32x32 rects.

I’ll give timings after the RLP version is done.

It’s a busy weekend here but I’m hoping to have a control or two running by late tomorrow.


Thanks, I am interested to hear RLP measurements when you are done with it.


@ Architect

So far I’m getting pretty disappointing RLP results.

Full Screen Bitmap From uSD
Managed: 2.9sec
Native: 4.9sec

Full Screen Rect
Managed: 0.2sec
Native: 2.2sec

Alpha Blended Rect (96x96)
Managed: 4.3sec
Native: Can’t get read from Parallel Port working (yet), but broken results = 0.6sec


Note that GHI has spent (as always) a long time optimizing every single detail to give you best results. Unless you go to great measures optimizing your drivers you will not brat the GHI optimization :slight_smile:


:stuck_out_tongue: I could beat it on Alphablending if I could get the freaking read to work in RLP; works fine managed side. :wall:

But yes all the read/write stuff on the ParallelPort is really fast & slick.