Commercial Automotive Measurement Using G120 SoM

While commercial companies are the major users of GHI Electronics’ products, especially SoM (System on Module), most customers do not share their design details publicly. In most cases, our customer say “GHI Electronics’ products make our designs too easy, we do not want our competitors to know about it”. We take this as a complement.

Kindly, Reinhard was able to share this design with us. This design you see here is the prototype of our new Automotive Measurement System.

He said, the design contains:

  • Current measurement at different ranges (up to 50 Amps)
  • Combined current/voltage measurement circuits
  • High precision 4 Wire resistance measurement (to measure 2 Ohm ignition tablets for Airbags, …)
  • Temperature sensors
  • RS485 for extension modules
  • Digital IO
  • 3 ‘Bus’ connectors where all remaining GPIO’s are available. For the ‘Bus’ slots we currently have a 2xCAN + LIN + K-Bus module (not on the pictures).


GHI Electronics’ SoM:
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Some details on another commercial project was posted here

Nice work!

Thank you all.
We have more projects running, where aour G120 main board will be used. I’ll post something as soon as it’s available.
Me be I can find some way to present our SW framework as well.