Where is COM2, is it only on the UEXT or is it still on pins 2/3?

Funny… In the domino brochure board picture it shows com2 on pins 2 and 3. But the brochure pin descriptions say it is only on the uext pins.

The schematic shows com2 only on uext, and the silk screen on the board should I2C on pins 2 and 3.

I think the picture of the Domino in brochure must have been a prototype, which changed before release.

yeh it’s a little confusing, not a big deal just wanted clarification :slight_smile:

Interesting…we will look into it

Yeah, I had this issue a bit back. It took me a second to flip it over and see it on UEXT. The issue is that the brochure has the 1.0 hardware rev and we have 1.1 Dominos.

I was hoping it was on both so I didn’t need to use the UEXT connector, I’ve managed to get wifi on com4 but I wanted to put my gps on 2, 1 is currently taken for debuggering! Still if I2C is on pins 2/3 then my compass will probably have to go on that.