COM2 Flow Control on Domino

I have an ignorant question:
What do I need to do to take advantage of the flow control on Domino’s COM2? I am using BlueSMIRF BT modem from sparkfun (shematic here:
I connected Rx pins to Tx pins, and CTC to RTS (Domino Rx to BT Tx, Domino CTC to BT RTS).

I started messing with the flow control becuase I get buffer overruns ocasionally, so I was hoping to prevent that with the hardware flow control, but for some reason nothing changed… Is there something special I need to do?

Thank you

You still get buffer overflow? This should be impossible! Unless your device keep on sending to FEZ even though FEZ signaled it not to send data

Are RTS and CTC pins supposed to be crossed or straight?
Also, I have flow control set to Hardware in the port settings on windows, but on FEZ I don’t have any code related to the flow control (is it 100% hardware on FEZ, or is ther a setting I’m missing?)

Thank you


I got this info from here:

[quote]The module defaults to 9600/8/1/hardware flow control, and it’s default service is a serial port. The right way to connect is to do the level translation on TX/RX/CTS/RTS, then connect TX to RX, RX to TX, CTS to RTS and RTS to CTS