Colors in forum


Here are two points I think are not good on Google Chrome :

  • when you select some text to quote, you almost don’t see the black background on (selected) white text. You can see you’re selecting something on GHI’s posts because the blue color becomes white, but the background is still not really visible.

  • the “Image upload” section does not look good. See picture.

Have a nice day,


when you select some text to quote, you now see the blue background on (selected) white text :wink:

Solution - Don’t use chrome :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, that is the solution everyone gives when something does not work in IE.

He he :smiley: But Chrome is not IE. At least, not yet :wink:

Another solution, for the first problem, is to not use dark themes with Windows :-[

At work, I’m using the default theme and I don’t have the “select color” problem. But at home, I was having it… and I had a dark theme.
Changing the particular setting for selected text has solved this issue.

So it’s not the forum’s fault, I have to apologize here :hand:

Of course, the second one is not related to themes, but to Chrome.