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Color LCD Shield


I saw a color LCD shield using the Nokia 6100 graphics LCD on Sparkfun.
Are there any plans to offer a similar one for the Domino with a software driver?



The display you mentioned has a very bad quality plus it is too slow due to it’s horrible 9bit interface and not to forget that it is just way too small for anything!
Take a look at the very nice a high detailed displays we have on EMX and ChipworkX. Plans are in place for FEZ. Details come next month


Sounds great - are these going to use the shield connectivity or are they going to plug into the shield extension(3 pin connector)?

Anything else you can tell us?



Everything you see with display for small display is usually a “hack” support. Why? Let us do some math. A 320x240 16bit display requires 153600 bytes, that is 150Kbytes. This is only for the back buffer, now lets do some graphics then you need a minimum of 1MB of RAM for very basic support. All I can tell you is what we will provide will not be a “hack” :d

It is too early to give away any info because anything can change at this point. We are months away from having anything out.


I’m assuming that these will have thier own graphics processor to offload that task from the application processor?

I’ve seen some with a serial interface or SPI. But the cost is more than a Domino board.

What about a monochrome graphics board as well?


More info come in a month but you can see the GHI website for examples


I’m in the progress to create a lib for the 4dgl color displays for my USBizi devboard maybe when the ghi folks will support again i will release it here.


What do you mean by “ghi folks will support…”? If you have code to make USBizi work with 4D serial displays and you like to share the code then I am sure a lot of users here finds it useful.
You can load it on here if you like (link removed)