Colin's Blog Post about NETMF 4.4 at BUILD

Not many new details, but still interesting.



The AllJoyn thin client node sealed in a perspex box is a perfect visual - my appetite is whetted, and we’re sooooo close, but there are just those few but crucial pieces (usart, wifi, BLE on IoT Core and AllJoyn ThinClient on NETMF) that have it all just out of reach. I keep coming up with neat lighthouse projects and keep getting blocked by one or more of those limitations.

That said, by using NETMF+wifi and RPi+ethernet, I guess I can make those limitations go away for demo purposes, even if it is a bit smoke-and-mirrors.

I saw that post and cruised over to the NETMF 4.4 repo on github, but the code is not there either. In all fairness, they were pretty clear in the talk that it was a very very early build of the TinyClient code, so this is not surprising.

Can’t wait for the perspex cover to come off and start to see some viable 4.4 images - better yet, 4.4 with AllJoyn.

@ mcalsyn I understand the thing about the wetted appetite :smiley:

Nevertheless, Colin’s message also fills me with some dread… I’d really, really prefer to first see the announcement of having introduced a solid quality assurance process and the commitment to clean up the long-open issues, before adding yet another bunch of features.

“Our product will be less broken” doesn’t make for good press like feature announcements do. We can hope (and I do believe) that with the renewed focus and interest in NETMF as part of the larger Microsoft story that they will get the resources that they need to do the housekeeping along with the additions. I’m already convinced from other public discussions that they know what needs to be done.

@ Cuno - Ah, somebody should do something about your avatar, doesn’t look good … I was lucky me and my big waterhead just fitted in …

@ Cuno - Thank you for sharing this!

I’ve always liked Colin as he is an exceptional straight up shooter in the business, and his blog is pretty much right on with what Steve Teixeira was going to say in his ‘Windows for Makers: Raspberry Pi 2, Arduino and More’ presentation at Build, but he ran out of time but briefly flashed this slide.

No doubt .NetMF is good, but I suspect given its history there is some realignment and work that needs to be done to get .NetMF to where it can start moving forward with things like AOT etc so I’m good with Colin’s plan and given the pace they are working on this, I would think we are looking at ‘sooner’ then ‘later’ for 4.4.


Looks good to me :slight_smile: In particular the point about improved deployment and debugging.

@ Duke Nukem - Nice catch!

@ Duke Nukem - I reckon you can’t zoom out a bit and see what’s on the right hand side … nevertheless thanks for sharing the info !

@ PiWi - sorry I must have chopped off the 4.5 roadmap but it contained plans for … and new interfaces to … and performance increases of … times while reducing memory usage by … percent.

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@ Duke Nukem - Cool … full of surprises, who would have thought of that !

@ Duke Nukem - I am less interested in what’s off the margin on the right and more interested in where the dots we [em]can see[/em] map to real dates, although I agree with Duke that it is probably sooner rather than later, especially given the desire for coherence with the WIndows 10 API story.

@ mcalsyn - Steve didn’t say anything about 4.5 and I’m just thinking of what I’d do for 4.5 :slight_smile:

The time line for 4.4 is moving along nicely as I’m thinking they are just finishing up 4.4 beta 1, and working on 4.4 beta 2 and given VS 2015 has hit RC status, I’m thinking they won’t want to lag to far behind the actual release of VS 2015.

I know last time I talked to Colin he was a happy camper as his team was becoming bigger then they initially estimated as the industry love they were getting was exceeding their initial estimates for this early in the game, folks like .NetMF and so they are making it happen as I believe they have caught the idea and importance of .NetMF to Microsoft’s IoT strategy.