Colin Miller lets one cat out of the bag

Now I suspect that this little gem was missed by most people but with the NetMF 4.3 QFE2-RTM release today Colin Miller put up a blog post here and while it comments on the changes in today’s release he lets a huge cat out of the bag as NetMF is going to be the taking names and kicking butt platform we all knew it could be and I quote

AOT compilation, yes you heard it correct Ahead-of-Time Compilation is the current idea for a BIG P performance boost to NetMF, oh ya baby let the good times roll.

Colin’s other comments are definitely worth a read as well. Anyone thinking that NetMF is an orphaned project at Microsoft anymore?



Do we know that the “Threshold timeframe” is?

@ godefroi - Maybe, but the old saying applies, if we told you then we’d have to…

At this point in the game while they have been investigating and they have a reasonable idea as to the direction they will be taking the details, issues etc are still a little hazy so the hard dates aren’t there yet and so another old saying applies, if they knew everything about what they were doing it wouldn’t be called ‘Research’. The important point really here is Microsoft was paying attention to the discussions that were ongoing here and performance was a passionately argued topic, so something is going to be done to make it happen and Microsoft continues to monitor this site as this is one rock and roll site with a lot of bright dudes here.

One of the really cool things about IoT at Microsoft is its currently small enough that input from the user community is really important and yet IoT is important enough at Microsoft that stuff is happening and so we get to help influence what will be a key technology in the future for Microsoft.

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Yes, we all would like to see AOT, like right now. ;D But let’s not jinx it. The important thing is that it seems that there is a movement and it is in the right direction.
Let’s help to make it a reality.

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Indeed. See for example here, regarding AOT compilation: