Codeshare suggestions/bugs

Only 3 licenses are listed - Apache, GPL and LGPL… I like the CC stuff ( in particular). It’d be good if you listed more or had an option for “I’ll put the license in the code”.

Image required? I’m adding a video and don’t have a picture…

If possible, it’d be good to not allow more than 50 characters in the title instead of allowing more then doing an error on Submit. (edit: and only 50 chars?? I’m far too chatty for that limit!)

If you mess up the form, you have to type most of it in again… :frowning: It’d be real nice to not have to do that.

The link to the Tags page ( is not found and should open a new tag/browser, not move the existing one - again with the having to type all the stuff in again. :frowning:

edit: and… when it did take the Submit, it just said “new website coming soon!” which almost made me scream… It added it anyway. Just messing with me, I guess.

Also, it looks like the code display uses 8 spaces for literal tabs. I think the msdev default is 4, which looks a lot nicer. IMO.

CC is not a software license. It is suited for hardware design.

I will forward other suggestions to the experts

The link to tags has been fixed. It will now open in a new window. I also increased the title length to 100 characters (the input box will not go over that limit).

Wow. Don’t I feel like an idiot? They don’t make that overly clear unless you look for it…

That was fast! Thanks, Gus & Josh!

Last one, though I’m still tempted to complain (to them, not to GHI) about CC not being recommended for software, the code viewer for example code escapes < and > characters in comments… I’ve got a

section in example code and it comes out as /// . The one that displays a .cs file from the zip does display these correctly.

edit: arg… forums being helpful and not showing the problem… the

shows up as something like & lt ; summary & gt ;

I tried to update the license on my submittals, but when I clicked the “Modify” link it jumped back to the Browse page and displayed a big red message saying:

! Unable to process your request.

@ jasdev
Try now

@ Josh
Wow you’re fast!

Sorry, but one more minor issue… it won’t let me upate unless I upload a Primary image. Even though this field is not marked as required.

Same here, went to update but it is asking me for an image! There is already an image.