Codeshare Download count

Currently codeshare shows how many people have “viewed” a project, but not how many have downloaded it.

Adding a download count would be useful, when considering if it is worthwhile putting in the time to improve/update an existing project.

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I’d also ask, can we have on the user’s profile page, a “my codeshare posts” as well as a “my posts” link? I went looking for someone’s code yesterday and it took a bit more work than I thought it should (I knew the author more than the material)

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Most (including me) just copy/paste the code they need. I never click download. so the count maybe misleading.

+1 this would be a welcomed change

We already have forum posts, check it out, but we need ot add codeshare item

yep, thats what I meant when I said:

I see that profile page has “View my entries” link to codeshare submissions - very nice and handy!

Thanks for implementing this!