Anyone tried this?

While not super exciting for Arduino it does give me ideas about how we could take Gadgeteer to the masses who don’t want to use a Windows OS if we had a similar online site & plugin.


@ ianlee74 - This is a good idea! It’s similar to what mBed does The mBed site has shared libraries, which is a convenient way to share code.

I can think of few things less appealing than editing code in a browser. In my experience, browsers are poor at browsing webpages, and even poorer at everything else.

Not saying it can’t be done (because it obviously can…), or that it shouldn’t even, but I like my very powerful, very fast IDE.

Also, how would debugging work?

Browsers are getting increasingly sophisticated. Visual Studio is getting really big and complex, and compared to the very few lines some prototype builders and students are writing it might be a serious overkill.

I love VS, but I see that other options would be powerful as well to promote the platform and get an increased market share, and thereby more and better modules - and a bigger community.

I am still wondering if real-time-live-debugging would be possible…?

Browsers are as big and complex as Visual Studio, or near enough.

Just my opinion.