Code Site tags

Is there a way to add new tags to the Code site?

For example, I noticed that there’s no tag for Glide, but seems like that’s one that would be useful to have.

There was. Just try to type it in.

I did…tried to use Glide as a tag on this project:

Didn’t show up in the auto-complete, and although I typed it in by hand, it didn’t show up on the project when I published it.

Also, doesn’t show up at:

I’ve added the glide tag so just update your project.

Thanks, Josh!

Might be nice to have a suggestion box for tags, so you can get feedback without the overhead of the forums. :slight_smile:

The ability to create tags was there but it was a reward for reaching FEZ Master. However, I’ve reduced the reward to FEZ Senior. I also added this information to the create project form.