Code Sharing like old form

Will there be a code share for TinyCLR OS?

We will be promoting the use of GitHub, for the source control and the issue trackers.

Sorry for my poor wording.

I understand you will be using GitHub for the source control and the issue trackers.
You have stated that some time ago.

I should have asked will there be there be a code share for users that wish to share application code that use the TinyCLR OS on various hardware?

A place to share code like in the old code share.

GUS Thanks for your reply!

You mean a category for that? We can make a wiki post that includes all projects, like we did for boards running TinyCLR.


That is GitHub - for you too.

GitHub for all uC code!!! Yay! :boom:

Thank You!

It could be a good idea to not be lost in github !!!

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Here it is

If you want folks to post links to drivers in the other thread, you shouldn’t have closed it Gus. :slight_smile:

You can’t reply to the other thread.

Also is this for NETMF 4.3 or TinyCLR stuff only?

With TinyCLR being pre-alpha that would limit production code sharing, since production code still needs to be 4.3

The other thread is a wiki. You can edit it. Can you try please.

Oh yes that works. I edited twice.

It is non obvious (at least for me)

You have to hit — (more options, next to where reply usually is) then Edit appears. I missed that the first go around.

Thanks Gus.

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