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Code Sharing like old form


Will there be a code share for TinyCLR OS?


We will be promoting the use of GitHub, for the source control and the issue trackers.


Sorry for my poor wording.

I understand you will be using GitHub for the source control and the issue trackers.
You have stated that some time ago.

I should have asked will there be there be a code share for users that wish to share application code that use the TinyCLR OS on various hardware?

A place to share code like in the old code share.

GUS Thanks for your reply!


You mean a category for that? We can make a wiki post that includes all projects, like we did for boards running TinyCLR.


That is GitHub - for you too.


GitHub for all uC code!!! Yay! :boom:


Thank You!


It could be a good idea to not be lost in github !!!


Here it is Available Drivers


If you want folks to post links to drivers in the other thread, you shouldn’t have closed it Gus. :slight_smile:

You can’t reply to the other thread.

Also is this for NETMF 4.3 or TinyCLR stuff only?

With TinyCLR being pre-alpha that would limit production code sharing, since production code still needs to be 4.3


The other thread is a wiki. You can edit it. Can you try please.


Oh yes that works. I edited twice.

It is non obvious (at least for me)

You have to hit — (more options, next to where reply usually is) then Edit appears. I missed that the first go around.

Thanks Gus.