Code reading question: I have a library, how do I know what pins it uses?

Looking at the source code (not the usage ex):

Reading the code, how can I tell what pins are being used for the I2C signalling?


(I was looking for a “” reference, and did not find such, so am a bit in the dark as to what is going on.)

(Yes, there is comment at the top RE what pins to use on Domino (I am on panda, and did not know they were the same)

You need to look at the board brochure:

Pin features section shows what each pin is capable of.

Btw, Panda, Panda II and Domino have I2C pins in the exact same location.

I think there is only one set of I2C pins on the chip, and the pins are defined internally. So, you do not need to specify the pins in the code. The GHI DLL for the specific board must define the pins to MF.

yes, I can see how you might have expected to find references; but since there is only one set of I2C pins on the chip, the internals of the I2C driver know what pins to use and it’s not documented in code…

Thanks all mucho!

Not to be pedantic, but I think the chip has 2 I2C buses. But NETMF is only designed for one bus, so the other is unused… :slight_smile:

@ Architect I see you are forcing your mspaint skills over mine :wink: