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Here is the PDF we went over:

Some of the notes we discussed:

[li]Having a comment system.[/li]
[li]Picking a license to use.[/li]
[li]You’ll be able to tag code with NETMF version.[/li]
[li]Description will be rich, similar to the forum.[/li]
[li]Possibility of a support file.[/li]
[li]RSS and order the home page by latest additions.[/li]
[li]Possible revision side by side with original.[/li]
[li]Include the ability to revise description.[/li]
[li]Dynamically add a comment header to file with authors and date.[/li]


drool :wink:


This is a feature that will boost learning, sharing and review. I missed most of the call excepting the last 2 slides.

Thank you for placing the slides on the forum.

Did I see a “Copy button” to get the code into the clip board ? This may be easier than marking with the mouse, right click or Ctrl+C.


Another item for the wish list.

We may need some sort of a standard to place a quick schematic that supports the code, atleast point out the FEZ pin that is connected and the base schematic. This will help when custom application schematics are used.


Another thought: filter on netmf version might be important? At least it needs to be a flag and visible somewhere on the search results


My take on the code exchange is a place for short snippets of code that describe how to accomplish a certain task or for a small driver for a piece of hardware. For things that require more extensive explanation or charts, diagrams, etc then the Wiki is the better place.


[quote]Is there additonal information we should add to the code

The NETMF SDK version, the GHI SDK version, the visual studio version.

[quote]Should we have a ranking system that allows users to vote
on votable code?[/quote]

Hmm… Not so important if you ask me.

Very very clever! I love the fact how much you guys have thought about this already! The revision is a great idea. I could ask someone to help me with my code, and he/she adds his/her code to mine.

[quote]Should users of a certain level be able to edit all code

I do not quite know what you mean to be honest.

What do you mean with “abuse” ? As in posting crappy code/editing other people’s code with some not so cool comments?

I would like to see two things for this:
*IP BAN (GHI only)
*Vote for ban (members).

The last one just in case. Let’s say there is some stupid guy in the nighttime, people could vote him out.

Also, you might want to add a “report this page” or “report abuse” button to the pages.


and the things I mentioned before.
Thanks for posting the PDF, it already looks very nice!


My opinion is that associating editability to forum activity presents a barrier to new visitors who may be advanced users, so I’d prefer original posters to retain ownership of code snippets (with the exception that GHI can moderate it).


I know we talked about some sort of diff feature to compare new versions of code.
Something like this possibly?

Online demo is also here


Wow that website will come in handy in the future ! (for me personally :D)


I’ll look into using jsdifflib.


● Is there additonal information we should add to the code

Not for me, all ideas are already suggested.

● Should we have a ranking system that allows users to vote
on votable code?

Yes, please. I see this more as a replacement of the Accept/refuse buttons you suggested. When the vote very low the the code is refused, etc. Also there need to be some kind of wight on the vote’s, like more experienced users has a high setting then less experienced users. (i have some ideas how you can implement this.)

● What do you think of the revision system?
Very cool.

● Should users of a certain level be able to edit all code

As long as the changes are also put in the revision system.

● What about users who try to abuse the system?
Like as it suggested earlier.

● Is there something you’d like to see that we missed?
When is it running :stuck_out_tongue: Just joking. I see some really good ideas for this.

You guy’s of GHI and the other supporters of FEZ are really starting to be a good team and listen very good to the users of the FEZ community, i love this very much.
Thanks for your time.


Any news ? (unless I missed something, of course :-[ )


I saw the demo Josh had running, one suggestion I have is to allow people to just upload an entire zip file of code. We don’t want to restrict this to small snippets, do we?


Code share is meant for drivers not while projects. Wiki is for whole projects


Hahah, that’s the problem, I have a driver I want to share! It’s 800+ lines of code across like 5 files. Oh well, for now, I will upload it to the wiki :slight_smile:


Then you need some long page with images and may examples to explain it…that is wiki :slight_smile:

The code share is for small code snippets or small drivers for little components just like all the drivers we have for all components


I think that we should also have a user rating that signifies the Feziness of the code in question. The higher the rating the more difficult the code is to use. Perhaps we can use a little red hat instead of stars.


Yep. Good idea.