Cobra or Hydra

Hi again,

I have a project to do in few weeks.

Previously, I was interested in using the Cobra + TouchScreen (4"3 TFT)… and then came the Hydra.

Cheaper, faster…

I don’t have a lot of electronics in this project (a joystick, a screen, and a motor to control).
I will display sinusoidale on the screen so I need a cobra at least (or hydra) to have any power to display
a moving point as fast a possible.

My question is simple:

1 - Is it (I guess so but) possible to do this project with Hydra nor Cobra ?
2 - If I choose hydra, when will all the component (screen 4"3, joystick, motor controller) available on the market ?

3 - From GHI point of view and knowing few information I gave on this project, do you think it is better to
switch to gadgeteer world (and hydra) or should I stick to cobra world ?

Thanks for your advices.

Best regards, Nicolas, Toulouse, France

You’ll need to go to for a 4.3" for now.

FEZ Spider (EMX) is well tested on thousands and thousands of devices around the world. We have no doubt it will work amazingly for you today.

FEZ Hydra is very new with porting still in the works. It will be an awesome device in few months and one of the top open source devices in the world but this takes time.

thanks skewworks for the tip…

Did you try or have seen this LCD screen in action ?

I just wonder if it is a really good one ?

because it’s “only” 85€, so seems quite cheap for such a device.

Haven’t tried it. There was another user that had posted it on one of the threads and I just kept the link in case I needed it at some point. :slight_smile:

thanks gus…

I know Hydra and gadgeteer is the choice of the futur… but as you know, sometimes, you have to choose not the best but the most reliable system available at the time you need it.

So the next question coming to me mind : When will it be reasonable to say : Hydra is the right choice because the porting kit is OK, everything works fine (I accept exception because I know 0% bug is not possible at first glance…)

Thanks, Nicolas, Toulouse, France

thanks Skewworks.

It seems (LCD) a good choice…

Now, the question is about Hydra stability in a near futur… :slight_smile:

It depends on how much you and community will help. We are have 3 developers at GHI working on it.


To summarize :

My project:

One board (Hydra or Cobra)

  • 1 screen (4"3)
  • 1 Joystick
  • 1 motor controller

If to do before February ==> Cobra

if after february ==> Hydra

Do you agree with this analysis ?

Last point : Doing this project with cobra will cost a little bit more ? correct ?

Thanks, Nicolas, Toulouse, France

Hi guys

Just a small update of the project I’m concerned with.

We are at the edge of the decision and I’m still not sure what will be the best choice.

Concerning Hydra => What are the enhancement done since its lauching ?

Concerning my project (describe above) : Is it “safer” to choose Cobra or can I choose hydra without to much risks ?

Thanks for your replies…

Tons of fixes and improvements, especially the last 2. They are all listed in release notes.

You are getting products from GHI so it is safe either way. We have been working with professionals for years.

Now to what product? Companies usually get both (or more) and evaluate them before they make a decision on what to use. Nobody will be able to answer that question but you.

I’ve already worked with the Domino (should be the same with the cobra)…

What I see is that the hydra is more powerfull and is cheaper than the cobra… Ain’t wrong, right ?

Few months ago, gus said to wait for a multi-touch screen… will it come soon ?

Best regards

You mean this?

well, kind of…

But the picture represents a tablet not a raw multi-touch screen ? is it ?

Not yet in the GHI catalog ?