Cobra III beginning

I just got a Cobra III and was reading the support/netmf document.
On step 3, it says (If you plan on using Gadgeteer) … etc.

Should I be planning on using that with Cobra III? I have no idea if I should or should not?

If I don’t use it, will it be more difficult to get something up and running on Cobra III?


It is not a gadgeteer product. You do not need it and it is easy to install later.

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Ok, thank you for the quick response.
Now for my second (hopefully not dumb) question but I want to avoid messing up my environment and having to redo stuff:

I used the FEZ Config program to check the device.
says I have on the computer and on the device (Cobra III).
(TinyCLR is not up to date)

Step 2 of the support document says to uninstall any currently installed NETMF SDK’s and then install
4.3 (QFE2).

I want to continue to support my old Spider board and also use the new Cobra III on the same win 7 computer.
Should I just install the latest 4.3 and be able to continue to use the older one on the Spider w/o uninstalling anything??
Or should I uninstall NETMF and then install the latest and can be assured everything is magically taken care of so that the Spider will still work ok on the latest NETMF?

The GHI SDK that you install lists what versions are included; that includes 4.2 if you haven’t upgraded your project, or 4.3 if you want - but you’ll need to make sure you have the current firmware installed on your EMX board, and your projects are upgraded to that version.

And since you’re using Spider, you probably will want to revisit that Gadgeteer install after all