Cobra II WiFi Power LED is out

I pulled this out of the closet as a shelved project is back in gear. All the firmware and stuff is completely up to date.

Everything seemed to be working fine.

Suddenly the little power LED doesn’t light anymore. WiFi is working, the I2C device is working, I think the Bluetooth is working (just got that and haven’t tested it yet).

In fact, everything seems to be working except the power LED.

A little weird.

This sound familiar to anyone? Or does anyone have any ideas on how to bring it back?

Not the end of the world, I suppose.


it is possible the LED is burned out.

Oh, I didn’t know that happened much.

It actually seemed pretty bright much of the time.

I am running a 9v 1000ma external power supply to it that I bought from Adafruit. And I often have that plugged in as well as the USB from my PC. That shouldn’t be a problem, should it?

BTW, I just placed another order for some stuff. I think you guys are great.

I noticed some folks talking about pricing and so on. I’m baffled. it all looks incredibly affordable to me. And the only way I would ever mess with it is via the NETMF. Using VS2012 is simply awesome for beginners.

Anyway, thanks for the quick reply.

Thanks for the positive feedback. This will only make us work harder :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community and we look forward to seeing your creations.

It does not happen very often.

No. It may have been a one and 10,000 chance that that one particular LED was not the best from our vendor.

No problem and welcome to the community. ;D