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Cobra II - USB does not work


I have my Cobra II for one week now, and I just can not make it run. I did the installation like described in and, but when I want to setup a connection via USB the following happens:
The device has been detected, as the pictures below show. But when I want to Ping, an error occurs: “The device is not connected”.
Of course, it does not work with VS either…

Is this normal behaviour? Am I doing something wrong? Or maybe the device is dead on arrival??

Thanks for Your help in advance!


Hey Mori, welcome to the forum.

Here’s the generic troubleshooting guide:

I’d suggest as a first step, you will need to have Device Manager open to help figure out the state the device and drivers are in…


Hello Brett,
thanks for your answer!

I solved the problem now. For some reason, it was necessary to erase the current firmware by hand (with TeraTerm Pro). Now with a new firmware the connection-issue works perfectly!