Cobra II Serial Debugging


I just got a new Cobra II in the mail and I’m trying to implement USB Mass Storage using the ( However, I’m getting stuck trying to put the Cobra II into Serial Debugging. I have the RS232 module attached to the U port on the board for my serial connection.

Is there a walkthrough on setting it into serial debugging?


Stuck where? Did you find mode pin?

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I found the Mode/P2.1 on the cobra II and connected it to GND. However, I’m still not able to see the device when I use FEZ Config on COM1.


What do you see on USB?

I get no connection on USB but also no connection on the COM interface. Do I need to run some code for the port to be enabled?

the rs232 module is DTE and a PC is also DTE. a crossover/modem eliminator cable is required.