Cobra II RPL

Do I need to recompile *.elf file that got from Showcase? My board is Cobra II, and project from Showcase is for FEZ Cobra.
It seems to me that I do not need to recompile it, but after my first try my board became unresponsive and I had to reflash it.

I’m quite sure you need to recompile it.
I also think that buildscript, linker file are different.

I have a RLP function compiled for EMX and it works perfectly on G120. So recompiling may not be necessary, but surely it’s best to do it.

I am following this guide, I don’t see where should I specify that it is G120.

I had problems with my 1st steps with RLP on G120.
If I remember right Dat sent me some new files and then it worked.
But may be this was related to some firmware problem.

Can anyone tell me if I need to specify for which mainboard *.elf file will be generated and if so where should I do that?

I’m not sure if you need different elf’s for different boards,
But if, then you just add them with different names to your resources like:

The when loading elf, you check which board is on your shelf :whistle: (There are some SKU, … identifiers to read, which returns a specific id per SoM)
and read the elf that fits the board.
I have to fire up my working laptop, then I could post a simple RLP sample for G120 which actually works.

I just posted a simple RLP sample for G120 on codeshare:
It shows how to use inputs, interrupts and RLP events.
The usage sample shows the managed C# side of the code.

Thanks a lot for your code! I have finally made it working, not sure exactly how, but it is working :slight_smile: