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Cobra II Firmware Update


I have updated the firmware on my cobra board to the latest firmware. The update went smoothly.

Now I get USB device not recognised. I am using windows 8.

I have tried device manager; driver update and allowed it to search the GHI folders and sub folders but it has not been able to fix it.


I have problem with my cerberus on Windows 8, it helps to use external power and hub usb … but sometimes ! On my hub only few ports permits to use board. Why ? Ports are différents ? No ! I could only see some works and some doesn’t !

If you could try with hub usb, with external power. Idealy, find a Windows 7 computer 8)


At the point I pressed reply … I had plugged into a different port on my usb hub and windows popped up and installed the driver. The device appeared in VS … looked great and then it disappeared …

Now finding a power supply!


Power supply made no difference either! :wall:

And windows 7 is not an option! my development laptop is windows 8 …


Windows 8 is not a problem in general. I mostly use Windows 8.1 (update) x64 computers.
But when ever possible I use USB 2.0 ports and an extra power supply.
Once I had a similar problem, but reinstalling the SDK (and with it the drivers) solved the issue. Don’t forget to reboot after uninstalling the SDK.


I had something similar.

Try updating TinyBooter on the device manually and then do the erase during this and then use Fezconfig to update the firmware.

After this I was able to use both Cobra 2 boards and 3 customs G120 boards.


Hi Dave, I how do I do the tiny booster manually?


My question also, as the device driver cannot start and any connection to it is dead…?


Windows keep cycling the message USB device not recognised, so I don’t think the cobra is dead, just windows does not appear to have the correct driver? When I tried a different USB plug windows detected and installed the device driver, it appeared in VS … But shortly afterwards dropped out.


Try this page for details of the manual update.


Hi Dave,
I have done the manual task with teraterm. Cobra still connected. When I now use fez config to update sdk … it does not list any options; so browse to fimrwares … there are 3xhex files … config, firmware and firmware2 … which do I select?




You don’t need to select the files.
All listed files together are the firmware.
The will be used, no matter what you select.


Interrupt while deploying update failed?


I have 2 FEZ Config folders … have tried the other and it has been successful … now to see if I can deploy a solution


Solution Deployed …
Many thanks


I was going to say, don’t connect through a HUB, connect direct. I’ve found that you can debug through a hub no problem but firmware updates have only been reliable on direct USB ports.

Glad you got it sorted though.