Cobra II + CP7 running Glide

I have read on forum that there had been a problem with running Glide on Cobra II with CP7, I need to know if that isue is fixed with the latest firmware?

In version info stands: Improved Display CP7 module driver.

I have CobraII, I have CP7, and running Glide just right now on my desk. Appears to be working totally fine…

(but I’m not a Gadgeteerer)

Thanks Simon.
So now I have got my CP7.
But getting I2c error do you have isues with that?
tried simple test from this thread

I’m using mainboard Cobra II with firmware 4.2.10

Interesting. I’ve tried running code from that thread, and I get the same I2C transaction errors. Even without Glide in my project. So I guess something is wrong with Gadgeteer, as I run exactly the same hardware with Glide, but on plain old .NET, not Gadgeteer. I even use pretty much the same CP7 code, so the problem is probably in the Gadgeteer core itself. Perhaps some incorrect I2C bus configuration, or something…

Aha, things just got more complicated. I reflashed CobraII to my (working) code, and guess what? I2C transaction errors! Then I powered off the whole thing, turned on again, and now it works!

So it seems Gadgeteer code crashes the display controller somehow.

I got it working.
Removed GlideTouch.Initialize(); Thing if also was communicate to the I2C bus.
You’re right if there has been an error with I2C the board needs to be on powered.
Thanks for feedback.