Cobra and Telit communication problem

I have Fez Cobra board connected to Telit GM862-QUAD through COM3 on Cobra(but whatever I use, behavior is same), and beside other, I have communication problem in runtime.

While Cobra is connected to debugger, I have serial communication between devices. But when start application in runtime, it is not communicating with gm862. I log data, and seems that I send data to module, but it is not respond.

I tried to wire both, 3.3 and 5v fez outputs to VCC_BRD on GM862, but same results.

So, in debug, everything works fine, but after restart, it stops.

I use this board for Telit:

Make sure you Open serial port first and then subscribe to the events. If that doesn’t help show us some code.

Mr. Architect, this solved my problem. Thank you very much.

You are welcome!