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CLR_E_FAIL error



I got this error

(sorry for the french)
Compilation terminée – 0 erreurs, 2 avertissements
C:\Users\Didier Moullet\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\Display_graphique\Display_graphique\CarteSD.cs(160,17,160,55): warning MMP0000: opcode ‘conv.ovf.i’ – overflow will not throw exception
MMP : error MMP0000: CLR_E_FAIL
========== Génération : 0 a réussi ou est à jour, 1 a échoué, 0 a été ignoré ==========

No error in the compilation, but the generation was not good. 1 error : CLR_E_FAIL in the file MMP.
But when I click on the MMP , the error message appaer : MMP file has moved and it’s not avalaible.

The reasonof this error was a declaration of string array :

       private static string[,] positionx = new string[5,3];         

        public static void Main()
            positionx[0,0] = "690";
            positionx[1,0] = "970";
            positionx[2,0] = "1250";
            positionx[3,0] = "1530";
            positionx[4,0] = "1810";

            positionx[0,1] = "P";      
            positionx[1,1] = "P";
            positionx[2,1] = "P";
            positionx[3,1] = "P";
            positionx[4,1] = "P";
            positionx[0,2] = "P";
            positionx[1,2] = "P";
            positionx[2,2] = "P";
            positionx[3,2] = "P";
            positionx[4,2] = "P";

The target is a FEZ cobra ( but I think it’s not important) . When I had changed this declaration in 3 differents arrays the error has missing !
I have try to compile with 2010 express and 2010 ultimate it’s was the same thing.
I have downloaded the latest SDK from MS and GHI no change !

For me the syntax is correct .
So what 's wrong !

Thank you for your help


multidimensional arrays are not supported. You need to use jagged arrays instead.


Ok Thanks !