Clean setup VS2012 - unable to install NETMF SDK 4.3

Hi All,

After some system stability issues i decided to put a new SSD disk in my DEV machine.
Clean windows install done this morning, now i just installed VS2012 and wanted to setup NETMF SDK but it tells me to install VS 2012ā€¦

Que pasa?


I would try the new SDK, where the VS integration was separated into an visx installer.
By this you could use VS 2013 too.

@ Reinhard Ostermeier -
What SDK are you referring to?

This one:
which is brand new,
or this one:
Which is already tested by a lot of people from the community.

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Weird. Probably needs a restart to see VS.

@ Architect: my first idea but i rebooted.
@ Reinhard: thx i try this but i will have to download some update first i guessā€¦

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - Problem solved thx Reinhard :clap: