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Choosing a board for a WCF client


Can any of these chipsets be used as a client to connect to a WCF service that is running on a full-blown Windows Server PC?

In a normal desktop application, you simply add a Service Reference, supply the URL to your web server hosting the service, and you can access the service with some dead-simple objects that are automatically generated for you. Can I do this in the Micro Framework? I see the EMX supports DPWS, but that seems to be for hosting a WCF service, not connecting to one (correct me if I am wrong). Can any of the USBizi chips do this? Barring that, I know that WCF is nothing more than XML-formatted data, so I’m guessing if all else fails this has the capability for me to do an HTTP GET and parse the XML to objects myself?

What I’m trying to do is have a service running on the server that is accessed by clients running either a desktop app, or a wall-mounted device powered by USBizi100 that communicates wirelessly using an 802.11 module. I’ll be doing early development with a FEZ board but hope to eventually make my own boards.

I’m trying to minimize power consumption, as my device will be powered by a 9-volt battery, hence my aversion to the EMX.


There are no auto generated SOAP handling classes in MF.
If you prefer parsing json instead of XML, you can enable json on WCF as well.