ChipworX module open hardware?

I’m surprised of the cost of the ChipworX module. Can anyone explain why it should be that expensive? Is the schematic of this board available or is it not open hardware? If not, would it be possible to extract the schematic from this board or is it protected against copying? Does anyone have experience in this?

FEZ Hydra has similar processor and it is open source.

How come the datasheet is mentioning that USB host is not supported on the Hydra platform where the ChipWorkX module does have USB host? is it a separte USB host controller?

software. it’s in the firmware.

It is similar processor not identical.

If I’m correct the Hydra is based on the AT91SAM9RL64 and does not have an USB host peripheral.

Would it be possible to make a board, similar to the ChipworkX development platform, where the module is integrated on the board using a 10" touch panel, using the ChipworkX SDK? Or is the net mf port bound to the GHI module by disclosed EEPROM code?

If possible it would contribute users, schematic and layout will be open hardware.

ChipworkX is not open but Hydra can be a starting point for you to use the same processor use on ChipworkX

Hi Chris, sorry for the questions, but I am really not sure what you want to achieve? Are you just looking to design an open source/open hardware device with USB Host capability? Or are you asking for something else?

The key is that you can use Hydra as a start, since it’s open from both a hardware perspective and a firmware perspective, but as you note this may not get you USB Host if you use the same processor (if that’s true, I don’t know). You could also use the STM32F4 or any other Porting Kit available port as a start for the firmware, and some of these also have open designs available (again I don’t know if USB Host is a capability these chips offer). But you can’t use the Chipworkx as a start as all portions of it (hardware design AND firmware) are GHI proprietary.

Hi Chris,

The AT91SAM9261S microcontroller used on the ChipworkX is winding down production, so you’ll probably want to focus on modules using newer micros.

Also, I’m not sure if GHI can offer the ChipworkX design files; as I understand it those are probably owned by the module’s manufacturer. The newer modules and boards offer a potential advantage here as well.

All that combined…I would take a look at one of the newer modules; G120 might meet your requirements for instance. And the NXP chip used on those modules is much newer so it should be made for years to come.