ChipworkX SPI1 with multiple slaves

In the manual for the ChipworkX there is a reference to a busmaster and the fact you pass the Chipselect to it.

Is there any documentation on this?

My updated touchscreen driver uses SPI1 after I failed to get the built in on working but I am concerned that there may be clashes with SD card access when I am processing touch.

If you using managed code only then there shouldn’t be any problems

Thanks Gus.

It is indeed all managed code.

hmmm, weird message with no visible text. Will this post come through?

it did

It didn’t when I posted. In fact, for a few minutes about 90 mins ago, any thread I opened didn’t show any text, and I could even go back pages on a multipage thread and it’d still not show any data. But it’s alive again now.