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ChipworkX Restore Issues


We’ll skip the boring explanation of why I needed to restore the ChipworkX and skip straight to the problem.

Here’s the steps I followed (ChipworkX is on external power):

  1. Press & Hold Up, Down & Select
  2. Press Reset
  3. Prompt never, ever occurs, release 3 buttons
  4. Press Up 3x
  5. Wait forever and a day
  6. Reset device
  7. Now shows as the GPS device (Win7) COM8
  8. Run ChipworkX_Tinybooter_Updater.bat COM8
  9. Log says “Sent file & Memory area content (address: 0x00000, size: 131072 bytes) match exactly !”
  10. Command Prompt say: “Access is Denied” \n “Echo is off”
  11. Reboot ChipworkX
  12. Still shows on COM9…

What am I messing up here?

  1. disconnect power
  2. Remove the little jumper on the module
  3. connect usb/power and now windows will see chipworkX as a serial device (CDC)
  4. load tinybooter
  5. load firmware


Ah much better! Thanks for getting on that so quickly Gus!