ChipworkX previous firmware v3?

Does anyone have previous firmware for chipworkx? There are certain libraries which I’ve been using for this and the new board comes with v4… annoying and don’t really have time to change everything over…

Many thanks in advance.

Using v3 is a very bad idea but if you really want to then I think this is an old download (not sure if it is v3 but you can try it)

Thanks Gus… livesaver :slight_smile: It works brilliantly… :smiley:

But seriously, MOVE ON ! I understand commercial products and all that mean you can’t re-dev etc, but at some point you need to. And you can’t rely on helpful vendors like GHI who just happen to have an older firmware around for you, you have to take ownership of that and make sure you have all the necessary parts to support your platform while you can’t move.

On the other hand any serious vendor should anticipate situations like that and ready to support their valued customers no mater what version they are running. For some customers upgrading is not an option.

I used to work for multinational retail software provider. We had some government customers who run our software that was 5 version back from the latest release (5-7 years old). Upgrading for them was a huge issue.

Thanks Architect… Brett, yes, I agree, latest firmware is always a nicety, but at times, this is not really an option, and especially when there are financial constraints and deadlines involved.

I work for an org like that too… and we tell customers what they can expect the lifecycle of a product to be. Eventually we need to have people who depend on our products to move forward too though - and that includes vendors who write software based on our software.

Now this is a generic comment not about the original requester needing to get an older version. At some point you have to say even though we might still “support” you, you can’t expect us to keep things around just for you; that is, without a special agreement between us. (which means commercial entity 1 and commercial entity 2 agreeing what the support framework is)

The scenario for us social fez addicts is if you are using an old SDK and don’t feel the need to upgrade, you shouldn’t expect anyone to keep a copy of that old SDK accessible for you - move forward, there can be no holding back, but if YOU do CHOOSE to not move, do so knowing that the next Fez you get will probably be different, so if you still want to run the old SDK you had better keep that SDK installer around somewhere.

We all dislike change to some level, but some of it is inevitable; you just need to be ready for when change is forced on you !

Sometimes the update only adds some changes that you do not need so maybe it is not worth the time to update. But, from V3 to v4, GHI rewrote every single library! We are talking months and months of work. Not only everything is perfectly solid, the new libs are shared among all products, from little FEZ Panda with USBizi to super-featured ChipworkX.

Please upgrade to v4 as soon as it is possible.

I work with both firmwares and have no problems with any of them. It’s more of the native MF DPWS changes from 3 to 4 that is currently making me pull my hair out. I’m using these as DPWS client and had to rehash MF native v3 generated code to work on existing web services, and changes to v4 is making my head go round in circles. :slight_smile:

Not sure if anyone have a simple example of a simple MF in v4 client connecting to a hosted web service?

much appreciated :slight_smile:

Yeah DPWS is not very developer-friendly

lol… thanks Gus.