ChipworkX powers up to white screen, enumerates as "GPS Camera Detect"

When we plug our ChipworkX dev board into the PC, the display lights up as a solid white screen and the board enumerates as a “GPS Camera Detect (serial port)”.

This board worked when we put it in its black GHI anti-static box a few months ago.

I ran Atmel SAM-BA and it recognizes the board as an AT91SAM9261-EK, so it looks like the chip erased itself. Odd. What’s the best way to get it working again?

Thank you,


Not sure how it would erase itself! but you can reload everything back on it as explained in manual

Thanks, Gus. Which manual?

I followed the instructions in the ChipworkX manual (from the 4.1.3 SDK), but holding ‘Up + Select + Down’ has no effect.

If it’s appearing as a GPS camera, it should be in bootloader mode already…

The board is blank somehow so all you need is to load tinybooter using sam-ba

There is a small jumper on the ChipworkX Module. It should be there.