ChipworkX pinout. Some pins not documented

Hi all, I am currently looking at the ChipworkX module and going to order a dev kit and module to rework an existing design that has fallen fowl of the processor manufacturer withdrawing the processor from the market.

I see on the Dev Kit Schematic that there are Address and Data lines but these are now shown on the documents for the ChipworkX board.

I am currently creating a library part for this in my PCB design software and going to use this to initially check if I have the space for this module, the LCD connector and the Ethernet and Micro SD card on my existing PCB.

Can I assume that the Data and Address pins on the dev schematic can be included in my library part?


In the schematic for the dev system there is address and data lines. Pin 15, 16, 17, 18 etc. They are the unused pins at the top of the connector in the drawing on page 1 of 3.

There is also RD and WR and what appears to be CS pins also.

I don’t think you would want access to the pins used to access the memory chip on the module.

Not documented because they are not supported.

Thanks. I’ll include them in my library part anyway but will mark them as NO connect on the final design.