ChipworkX ordering question

In Ukraine, we have trouble with customs for items that have listed price over 200 EUR (incl. shipping)

Basically, they can get delayed 3-4 weeks or sometimes more, because they get a ‘special review’. Also, there’s a fee collected for such packages, but that’s not as annoying as the month+ total delivery times, compared to 7 days for my Panda order.

I contacted the EMS support on this, and they adviced me to ask the sender write lower price on the packaging, “because no packages was lost last year anyway”

So, is there a way to order ChipworkX dev system with a lower price listed in the attached invoice?

They said no when I asked, your best bet would be to send the package to a friend or contact and have him send you the package to Ukraine.

You can ask our distributors if they would change the face value for you. There are many in Europe. is in the Czech Republic… He has them in stock and delivery to you in the Ukraine will probably be the cheapest delivery…

Cheers Ian

Yeah, I’ve already contacted Miloush and it seems to be the way to go :slight_smile: