ChipworkX hardware trouble


Is there any way to check the hardware status of chipworkX module?..I have a module that is not starting…I don’t know if there is any info about some measurements we can do in order to test the module (service manual or something like that). For example: signal levels, waweforms, etc.

Thanks for any help

What do you read on reset, wake and shdn pins?
What is connected to spi pins?

Hello Gus

Nothing is connected… just the ChipworkX. I’m using the SDK. It doesn’t start. I don’t understand exactly what you mean…are you asking for signal levels in these pins?..please make clear. Thanks

Are you using the ChipworkX development system or a custom board?

What does “It doesn’t start” mean? Without knowing more it is difficult to diagnose?

Is the module not starting or the software?


Yes ChipworkX development system. ChipworkX is plugged into the Development System and it doesn’t do anything. I think problem is the module, nothing is displayed in LCD.


You giving us very very little info still and I am trying to guess here!

Did you just receive a new board?
Did it work and now it stopped?
You do not see anything on LCD but what about LEDs? What bout USB?!
Did you try powering the board from power pack? Or USB?
Is it plugged in to USB to a hub to directly to a PC?

There is a small jumper on the module itself. is it there?

Hello Gentlemen

Sorry for giving you so little info :-[. I have a Development board and 2 chipworkX modules. One is working properly but the other one some times doesn’t do anything and some times ramdomly colors are displayed in LCD. PC doesn’t recognize it by USB (USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNIZED). I think problem is the chipworkX module, because the other module and development board are working properly. Reset botton is not doing anything and Jumper is installed but behavior is the same with jumper and with out it. Attachment a picture taken with faulty chipworkX module. Thanks

So you placed the module on the development system and still didn’t work?
Was this module working at some point and now it stopped?

Yes, it’s placed in development system and doesn’t work. It was working for some while but then stopped.

Did you try to load firmware on it? Remove the jumper on the back and plug USB cable while it is removed. Does windows detect any USB device?

Device not recognized with no jumper. Same behavior in LCD and I don’t know how we can try to download any firmware…windows doesn’t detect the device by USB port…

Please contact GHI directly with your order details and link to this post.

I have also problem with my new ChipworkX Development System. If there is no jumper on ChipworkX module device do not start and LCD is white. With jumper I can flash firmware, upload application…

What you just said is normal! Jumper must be always installed.

Thanks for that answer I didn’t know because my device has came without jumper and when Im power it it doesn’t work. Then Im find some info about jumper and try it…

P.S. Im find original jumper in box. Looks like that it has fall down when has been shipped to me…