ChipworkX Development System USB Question

I mentioned in my other questions about the ChipworkX Development System that if a USB cable attached
my application will not start at ‘Power on’ OR when resetting the board using the ‘Reset button’.

Note: If I remove the USB cable and power the board using my auxillary power supply the application will
start on ‘Power on’ and upon pressing the ‘Reset button’

If I do a ‘Ping’ using MFDeploy, the application starts.

I was ‘Thinking’ (Which often gets me in trouble) that it may be related to the USB Driver I am using.
Because of some minor issues I was having with my Spider I recently changed my USB driver to
WinUSB. I found this information at:

Could this driver be causing my problem?

I really do not want to arbitrarily change the USB driver.

Could one of the GHI experts recommend which USB driver I should use that will work well with my ChipworkX AND my Spider?

Sorry about all my questions on my ChipworkX Development System.

Have a GREAT day!

Winusb was never tested with Chipworkx.


Again, a thank you.

I’ll change my USB Driver and see what happens and let you know.

… Off to the twilight zone… Now all I have to do is remember which driver worked best with my spider!