ChipworkX as a uart logic analyzer?

Hello Everyone,
I’ve run into a little problem working on a project, my logic analyzer took a dump. While I’m waiting for it to be returned, I still need to move along on a project. I need to read the data between an FTDI 232R and a pic micro. This is an async serial bus, but I have no clue what the baud is. I can see the actual data going out my pc, but I would like to use a ChipworkX module I have sitting around to determine the baud rate (I think it is a non-standard rate, not the normal 9600 8N1 default rate). Anyone have any tips?


Use an Interrupt port with interrupts on both edges.

The interrupt routine is passed an accurate timestamp. Put the detected edge direction and timestamp into an array.

After a period of time, print the array to the console and analyze.

See section 8.2.1 of the Beginners Guide for further details.

There is PinCapture too :slight_smile:

[quote]There is PinCapture too

Even better! :-[