Who loves cheap stuff? :smiley: Here you go - 9$ computer.

Hey, GHI team, can you offer a mainborad with the same specs for x10 the price?

I dont know about “Chip” but one of the creators on that team is “Gus”… great minds eh !

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Sheldon: “was that sarcasm ?”

@ iamin - something is fishy about this. I will believe it when I see it!

Feels like someone else is going to walk away with $1M and not deliver!

Cat: the first part was an information for cheap stuff lovers, it just happens to be that we have some among us. The second part was a challenge to GHI team, will they dare to accept it? ::slight_smile: In the second part I was also making a point that GHI team should not stagnate in terms of hardware specs.

Well, they already have prototypes. The question is how do they get such economies of scale when they pledge only $50k ???
I would really like to see their BOM.

Blocks: obtuse challenge.

Cat: “Thanks” for your opinion, but I was not asking for it.

They have successful project on KS:

I am not a beginner or new to this by no means and I am not feeling it. But great, we nave a $9 pc. It may even run Windows 10 one day…We just have to wait and see.

Strange remark from a highly opinionated person. :think:

I looked at your forum profile, and the only information you have provided is “Let other speak about me”. So, I guess you did ask for my opinion.

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@ iamin - I’ve seen that setup in the lab here, the chip was funded by MSS in China, lots of very cheap chips for everyone who wants them :wink:

So, I’m a maker/tinkerer, which means I know how to buy things and build things and occasionally fry things, but not much about the practicalities of how to design and build for selling things.

Can one of those of you who know a thing or two about selling things at scale answer this: Forgetting for the moment the SOM blocks on the picture, could you even build a board with the displayed passive components, headers and connectors and sell it for 9$ at anything but a loss? What’s your best guess at a glance for the BOM for the identifiable pieces at scale (say 5000 pieces and ignoring setup costs, presuming your KS people took care of that) ? I am sure they can build the thing - I just don’t find the price credible, but again … not my area of expertise.

If I can easily buy a tablet under $40, which is a hell lot more than a cheap CPU, I see no reason why they couldn’t make a devboard for $9. $9 is quite a good lump of money, especially if slave work in Cambodia or Laos is involved :frowning:

Fair enough - I guess I am just used to buying at a whole different scale. Though I agree with a prev poster questioning whether they reach the scale required to get those prices with only their initial $50K goal, or even their current $250K+. Those tablet folks were probably placing orders at an order of magnitude (or two or three) more quantity.

@ Simon from Vilnius - your tablet is made in the hundreds of thousands, maybe millions.

@ Gus - And they’ve raised $360000 already, with 28 days to go. That’s 40000 CHIPs. “Hundreds of thousands” isn’t that far :slight_smile:

@ Simon from Vilnius - yes but they asked for $50,000 because they need to “order parts in volume”

Anyway, $9 module sounds good to me so I look forward to see where this goes.

What is so strange about it? I am not interested in your opinion and I have not asked to express it. If that was not clear enough before, I hope this time it is written in plain and simple English.
Is using someone’s phrases out of context your specialty/interest by any chance? I could explain what I had in mind when I was writing that phrase, but I could not care less.