Cheap IP Cam running Linux O/S


Recently managed to blow up an on IP Webcam by getting it wet ;-).

Looking around for a replacement, I found this Wireless one with quiet a bit of movement in the camera head. It also has two way audio via microphone and built in speaker.

Its only VGA (640x480) but it’s got built in movement detections and can email/ftp etc. etc.

I was surprised to find it on Amazon UK for £39 (Around $60-65)


Thanks for sharing!

Anything to report (good or bad) about the device? Quality of build, technical specs, etc? We’ve had some recent breakins in our neighborhood, so I’m currently shopping for something like this.

I just arrived today. It’s a bit flimsy (But it is an internal camera) The tech specs are on the link in the original post. I’ll know more about how it works when I get home from work tonight :wink:


Not going to build your own GHI/Gadgeteer based system? :wink: