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Chat with expert was cancelled due to tornado!


So, I posted this new thing about chat with experts but I didn’t tell the guys at GHI about it yet. Then we got hit by a small buy very annoying tornado last night so we things got somewhat lost.

I hope the next schedule will be better and with no tornado!

Here is a picture that you will find interesting. This is the neighbor’s next door.


This is the hail after about 2 hours so this is melted…it was even bigger


lol…no comments!


Wow, no problem Gus! We were happily chatting and we guessed that was the situation. Hope everything is ok.


last one…the hail was flying in so strong, it scraped the pain off!!! :o


Eek! Brings back memories of Ike coming through here in Houston. Had a large maple tree that took out our fence. We had a Mimosa tree that seemed to be in worse condition but it prevailed throught the storm. I had a DS1923 clipped onto it to record the temperature and humidity. It survived as well and lived to tell some interesting data.


Has anyone developed a weather station with the FEZ product line yet? Seal it up in a “black box” and leave it in the path of a tornado?


Wow. That is pretty terrifying. Glad you are alright.
We will reschedule the chat, no problem :wink:


I have a weather reader, it doesn’t record weather though!


I thought you may want to see my gazebo! :dance:


That’s a very nice gazebo you have there, Gus! :o


That sounds not good :frowning:

I have seen tornados only in tv shows about the “tornado alley”

GHI should think about a FEZ Cobra equipped weather radar and FEZ Mini equipped sensors for tracking of tornado data :dance:


Of all the lame excuses ;D

Seriously, glad everyone is OK.


Hum… Do you suppose that we could release little weather sensors into the path of a tornado to take readings, like they did in the movie twister? the fez mini + gps + sd card + nordic radio and assorted sensors might just be good for that.

I wonder what’s the practicality.

You could however make a solar powered small weather station (or even put it on a helium ballon since it’s so small and cheap).

Nice Idea dude!


Those of you who were following the chat might have remembered how I was in the middle of a rather scary storm. Well, it looks like it’s back again. This time with full on tornado warnings. ::slight_smile:


See you on the other side of the storm dude. Good luck, and protect that Fez…