Character Display attached to HUB AP5 slow down the entire board

Hi all,

only to me happens this issue?

I mean, i’ve attached an HUB AP5 board to extend the I/O capabilities of a FEZ Hydra with the latest firmware.

It start to slow down the whole board when i attempt to write anything into the display.

Is that a known issue?


The character display uses many pins extensively. Those become virtual pins on the hub and cause some delays.

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What i supposed :frowning:

therefore it is not Hydra related… i would get probably the same issue on any other mainboard?

This limitation should be better documented. I buy an HUB because i need to connect some devices on the top cover of a box and keeping the board below and since I’ve several button to connect on the top would be nice to being able to connect on the hub including the character display but with this issue i cannot.

I will use a separated cable for this display.

Many thanks for the replay!