Changed Touch panel doesn't respond properly

Hey guys,

Probably stupid question but I am relatively new in the .NET Micro

We have a Chipworkx Dev. Board v1.2
I had to change the touch panel on the screen and bought some other model with the same resolution.
The problem is that with the new panel the data taken from a touch is completely random…or at least looks like.
The pins are compatible, so this is not the case.
Though, it seems that the parameters are different (I measured the resistances between X and Y plates when pressed on the same spots on both panels and they are different).

Currently in the software the only thing we have used for the touch is “OnTouchDown” and “OnTouchUp” and we haven’t considered any parameters since it worked.

Can I configure the software somehow for the new touch panel?
Am I supposed to make additional calibration?
Am I supposed to change some parameters?
Could you give me some references?

Do you have datasheet for your touch panel?


On my PC a sample for calibration is located at C:\Users\mike\Documents\Microsoft .NET Micro Framework 4.2\Samples\TouchCalibration

There might also be parameters for the LCD that need to be changed.

Architect, I don’t have such valuable features… dealextreme are not very famous with providing technical information :slight_smile:
Mike, thanks for the reference. I will take a look at the sample.

So, should I understand that in the GHI library the touch is already calibrated for the panel that is being sold with the dev. boards?

I would make no calibration assumptions. You also have to recalibrate after loading new firmware.