Cerebus Device not Found in DFU Mode


Was hoping someone might be able to help me. I just purchased a cerebus and out of the box it could not be detected on my PC.

When I initially plugged it into my PC prior to installing the USB drivers Windows also did not throw an “Unknown Device” error.

The red LED on the Cerebus indicates that it is indeed receiving power via the USB.

I have since installed the additional DFU drivers and attempted to boot to DFU mode - but alas no luck getting Windows to detect the device (my Cerebus version has a BOOT button which I assume I hold down instead of bridging the boot pads).

I have repeated the steps on another Windows machine and swapped out the connector and USB cables - still no luck.

Anybody have any ideas - or maybe I have a faulty device?


So does your Cerb have 2 buttons?

If so did you hold the boot button down and plug in power or if powered press the reset button while hold down the boot button?

Thanks for the reply.

Yep - it’s got 2 buttons.

I did hold down the boot button and then apply power - but no luck. I just tested holding boot and then pressing reset - same thing.

So nothing shows in Device Manager at all after trying to get it in DFU?

Yeah - nothing shows up in device manager. :frowning:

Try a different port and try with and without a hub.

Does anything on the board get a bit warm with power applied?

Even with the potential USB3 issues something should still show up in DM

@ Gus - I did try several ports directly (without a hub) on three different computers. I suspect that the unit may be faulty. What course do I take to obtain a replacement from GHI?

@ Bill Gates - The board does not seem to get warm. I’ve tested on USB2 and 3 ports.

@ Nick Lake - does the board show if not in DFU mode?

@ Gus - No does not show when not in DFU mode either… actually that’s what prompted me to boot to DFU mode in the first instance.

Then maybe contact GHI directly for rma. Please include a link to this post as well.