Cerbuino UART3 mapped to which com port?

I have scoured the docs and can’t find any reference to which COM port UART3 (Arduino connection for TX and RX) maps to in the SerialPort class?

I see UART6 is COM1 for the XBee in a search on the forum but nothing about UART3.

@ Dave McLaughlin - It’s the same as Socket 1 so…

 string comName = GT.Socket.GetSocket(1, false, null, "").SerialPortName;

so “COM3”;

Ah ha. So it is.

Useful code though. Never knew about that one so thanks.

@ Dave McLaughlin - sweet - what’s the project?

Building a small battery powered unit to allow me to get GSM coverage data for remote data monitoring of CBM wells prior to the main systems being installed.

UART3 is connected to a GSM/GPRS shield.

N18 for display and a compass module to record the direction. Unit will be mounted to a yagi high gain antenna and the operator slowly rotates 360 and I will capture the GSM signal as he does. Later I extract the data from the SD card and process this. It also records the GPS location.


@ Dave McLaughlin - Sounds v cool - look forward to the finished article and showcase :wink:

Oh rats.

Can’t use the UART3 as the N18 display uses these pins as GPIO


May have to change to the HD44780 display instead. That can connect to the unused socket 3.