Cerbuino Bee + usb to serial gadget in pure netmf


I just bought this module https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/287, and was trying to use it to communicate through serial port with a PC, only thing is I don’t know the serial port number of the Gadgeteer sockets in Cerbuino Bee.

My robot has COM1 occupied to communicate with MD49 motor controller, COM3 is XBee port to communicate with other robots I’m missing one port to communicate with a Surface running Kinect.

My program is not a Gadgeteer program, it is a pure NETMF Console application. Is there a way to use Gadgeteer sockets in pure NETMF? What are the COM port numbers of each of the 2 sockets type U in Cerbuino Bee. I’ve tryied looking at the schematic but it’s not clear, it seems like UART6 should be COM6 but it throws an exception when I try to open any port above COM3.

Can anybody help please?

Thanks in advance
Paulo Ferro

There is only 2UARTS according to product description. Socket 1 is COM3, Socket 2 is COM2

http://gadgeteer.codeplex.com/SourceControl/latest#Main/Mainboards/GHIElectronics/FEZCerbuinoBee/Software/FEZ Cerbuino Bee/FEZ Cerbuino Bee_42/FEZ_Cerbuino_Bee_42.cs

One more success.
Thanks guys, I’m using socket 2 and COM2 and working perfectly, robot finished :wink: