Cerbuino Bee Tiny Loader updated and now have 2 useless boards

I have 2 Cerbuino Bee’s I was going to use for a project with RS485 and XBee.

As I had updated to the latest release I needed to update the firmware.

FEZ Config would not boot the boards into TinyBooter so I had to use DFU and reflash the TinyBooter in the GHI OSHW directory for the Cerb family. I chose Tinybooter_4_2_6_1.dfu and flashed to the device which showed success in the DFU Tester window

After this I exit DFU and pressed reset. I heard the beep as the current DFU Mode driver was unloaded but then nothing. Removed power and the USB cable and tried again. Still nothing from the USB. It’s like something is not running.

I’ve tried reflashing a few times.

Both of these are brand new unused boards. :frowning:

Any ideas?

Oops. My bad. I missed the step for pressing the “Create from Map” button