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Cerbuino Bee not recognized


Hey folks, I received today my new FEZ Cerbuino Bee and I went ahead installing all the software
So I took some sample porject (Puzzle) which came with the install
Ok so the project builded fine and it ran so I was like alright let’s copy/paste the Puzzle project and delete like everything except the entrypoint
But when I tried to debug it again well the usb was not recognized anymore :frowning:

Even the FEZ Config program doesn’ seem to find it
I also tried to install the drivers at a other pc but still not recognized

Anyone knows what’s going on ?


Thanks for the quick response,
To answer your question look at the image,
By the way I used the “NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2013 R2”


Aren’t there any older versions where the driver still works ?


I uninstalled everything of GHI first and then downloaded the r1 update-1 and installed the usb drivers etc…
But I’m this having this (look at image)


Tried but still not recognized…
I found this though but there is not NETMF in there
I even tried it on my laptop, even re-installed windows8 on there


USB2, I followed the “Loading the WinUSB Drivers” but it was giving me the same error
Look at image
If you want to you can take a look over teamviewer
I will post here what the fix was

FIXED it I had to put the firmware back to the device following this guide