Cerbuino Bee + MD49 controller


I just got my new Cerbuino Bee and have been porting my robot code to it from the old Fez Panda II.
All goes smooth but now I need to connect my MD49 motor controller through TTL, MD49 technical documentation and can’t seem to find a way, I’ve tried through the USB host port using a USB TTL Serial cable and the sample code from USBH_SerialUSB documentation but it’s giving me an UnsupportedException just registering de DeviceConnectedEvent, gess it’s not done for this board? Is it true?

Any ideas on how to make the connection? This is quite a bummer, do I have to go back to old Panda? :frowning:

Thanks in advance
Paulo Ferro

Serial port is available in the first 2 pins on the arduino headers. That is what you need.

As Gus said, that simply seems to be a serial device. Use the TTL serial UART pins, check the schematics or documentation if Gus’ pointer doesn’t work for you.

You asked about USB Host on Cerb family. Yes, that’s true, the USB Host is not implemented in the open source cerb family, but because it’s open it could be done by anyone with the need and coding expertise.

Thanks Guys, this is great support, quick answers I’ve got a robot running on Cerbuino now yeah :).
Just took me a while to figure out that it was COM3 :D:D. Don’t really know how to read board schematics :).

Now next challenge, probably will post some more newbie questions :wink: